TOURAcademy® Home Edition Total Golf Improvement Program

Play. Better. Golf.

Discover the TOURAcademy Home Edition, our revolutionary golf instruction system designed to help you unlock your swing potential and play better golf. Developed through years of studying the best professional players, this comprehensive golf DVD improvement program provides the TOURAcademy experience directly in your home. Click each of the lesson titles and watch the preview video to learn more.

Try the TOURAcademy® Home Edition 8 Golf Improvement Program today for as little as $9.99! All purchases include 60 day no-hassle money back guarantee.

The Complete Program

5 Full Swing Lessons. More consistent, accurate play.

Grab a golf club and watch the dynamic TOURAcademy Home Lessons. Practice along at home and master new skills and techniques before heading to the practice facility. The Home Lessons cover every facet of the game and teach you the secrets of a great swing. You will learn how to:

  • Drive the ball with more power and distance
  • Adjust your grip and posture to improve your accuracy
  • Synchronize your body and the club for more consistent ball striking
  • Master the fundamentals of the impact zone - the moment of truth when the club hits the ball
  • Hit accurate approach shots and make more birdies

Unlike most golf DVDs, you won't be sitting back passively watching the lesson from your couch. You'll feel like you're being coached one on one by a TOURAcademy instructor right in the comfort of your own home.

Over 90 pages of full colour instruction. The perfect complement to your in home DVD lessons. The beautiful illustrations and photos break down every aspect of the game and provide a manual you can reference for life.

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4 Short Game Lessons. More control around the green.

The quickest way to improve your golf score is by mastering these short game lessons. The pros know that scoring well depends on saving par after you've missed the green. The short game lessons cover:

  • The fundamentals - grip, posture, and alignment for all short game strokes
  • The mechanics of putting and how to execute a smooth stroke every time
  • Mastering bunker play and other trouble shots
  • How to consistently chip the ball close to the pin

Learning the secrets of the short game and how to practice like a pro will shave valuable strokes off your score. All you need is the knowledge and techniques to make it happen!

The TOURAcademy Home Edition comes with two essential training aids. The Contact Bag is an essential part of the Impact Zone lesson and allows you to practice your swing at home and master correct body and club positioning at impact. The Alignment Sticks are used throughout the practice sessions and help ensure you're correctly lined up to your target at all times.

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18 Practice Sessions. Master skills like a pro.

The companion Practice Guide was designed by the instructors at the TOURAcademy so you don’t just aimlessly hit ball after ball at the driving range. Learn how to maximize your time by following our short, efficient, and focused practice sessions. The TOURAcademy Home Edition offers two different practice tracks:

  • White Track: For players of all abilities and those new to golf
  • Blue Track: Advanced skill development for experienced players, or players that have graduated from the White Track

The TOURAcademy practice sessions will change how you play and think about golf - you'll be practicing and playing like a pro and having more fun playing golf.

Provides a breakdown and description of every practice session included in the White and Blue Tracks. This small-size booklet is meant to travel with you to the practice facility as a reference. These fast, efficient drills will make your practice time enjoyable and rewarding. Practice with a purpose - just like the pros.

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Practice & Drill Calendar. Get TOURAcademy® Results.

All your golf lessons and practice sessions are laid out in an easy-to-follow roadmap. The travel-sized Practice Guide ensures maximum transfer of new skills from home to the driving range. After completing the interactive home lesson you'll find the practice session fun and rewarding:

  • Your golf lessons are mapped in a specific order that build your swing gradually
  • We provide a structured, flexible practice plan that teaches you how to practice with a purpose
  • You don't need to spend hours at the driving range pounding golf balls - quick, efficient, focused practice sessions are all you need.

For the first time ever you don’t have to be a pro to play like one. Complete the TOURAcademy Home Edition instruction program and you'll become a better and more consistent golfer for the rest of your life.

The 8-Week practice calendar separates TOURAcademy Home Edition from other instructional DVDs and golf improvement products. It takes the mystery out of practice and shows you how to develop and master the techniques and swing improvements taught during the at home lessons.

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1 Complete Program = Total Golf Improvement.

The TOURAcademy Home Edition delivers exclusive access to our golf training programs. We’ve put all the TOURAcademy’s knowledge, skill, experience and secrets right at your fingertips.

Try the TOURAcademy® Home Edition Golf Improvement Program today for as little as $9.99! All purchases include 60 day no-hassle money back guarantee.