TOURAcademy Home Edition Pro — Only $179.97

TOURAcademy Home Edition Pro

Two Payment Options Available

We bring the experience of training at the TOURAcademy right to your home for less than the cost of 2 private lessons! Hosted by PGA TOUR® player, 1991 British Open Champion and CBS Golf analyst Ian Baker-Finch, and shot on location at the Sawgrass TOURAcademy in Florida, the TOURAcademy Home Edition includes over 12 hours of quality instruction for players at all skill levels.

Includes 9 Lesson DVDs and 1 Bonus DVD:

  • Lesson 1: The Set-Up – Grip, Posture, and Alignment
  • Lesson 2: Rolling It - The Essentials of Putting
  • Lesson 3: The Impact Zone – Educate the Hands
  • Lesson 4: Learning Small Swings – Chipping
  • Lesson 5: Developing Body Motion – The Pivot
  • Lesson 6: Mastering Intermediate Distances – Pitching
  • Lesson 7: Synchronizing Body and Club – The Full Swing
  • Lesson 8: Power and Distance – Driving with Authority
  • Lesson 9: Specialty Shots – Lob and Bunker
  • BONUS DVD: Troubleshooting – Ball Flight Laws, Tips, and more.

PLUS you get the following for total golf improvement:

  • Comprehensive 100+ page Instructional Manual and a Practice Guide Booklet
  • 2 Training Aids – TOURAcademy branded Alignment Sticks and Contact Bag
  • 18 practice sessions filmed to support the Lesson DVDs
  • 8-Week Practice Calendar

Receive top quality golf instruction on your own schedule and at a fraction of the cost.

Learn the lessons and practice secrets that the PGA TOUR pros know and follow the detailed 8-Week Practice Calendar. You will be amazed at the results!

TOURAcademy Home Edition is targeted at all golfers and includes two 8-Week practice tracks – a White Track for all abilities and a Blue Track for advanced players.


Over $1500 value for only $179.97 or 3 payment of just $59.99
PGA TOUR® Official Licensed Product. Includes 60-DayNo-Hassle Money Back Guarantee.

Two Payment Options Available