TOURAcademy® Home Edition Frequently Asked Questions

Does TOURAcademy Home Edition really work?YES! Students who attend the TOURAcademy or complete the DVD Home Edition experience player-proven golf instruction. They learn the way many pros learn — through dynamic, building block like set-up, impact zone and pivot that progress at an individualized pace. The Home Edition provides everything you need to make transform your golf game and lower score. For the first time regular golfers now have access to the same cutting edge, quality golf instruction that has generated dozens of top pros.

Is this the real deal? Do the Pros really practice like this?YES. The TOURAcademy instructional program is based on studying how the pros play golf and practice. This product is legit - do the DVD lessons, follow the 8-week practice plan, and you'll be amazed at the results.

What equipment do I need?
The ONLY equipment required is a set of golf clubs. The TOURAcademy Home Edition provides everything else, including a TOURAcademy branded Contact Bag and Alignment Sticks.

Who is the TOURAcademy Home Edition for?The comprehensive TOURAcademy Home Edition program was designed to provide golfers with rapid improvement, regardless of their handicap or skill level. From new golfers to low handicap players, in just 8 short weeks you'll be playing the best golf of your life. We also include two 8 week practice tracks - a White Track for all golfers and a Blue Track for advanced players.

How much time will the TOURAcademy Home Edition program take?The DVD lessons vary from 20-30 minutes each, and you will need to complete 2-4 lessons per week (some days on the 8-week Calendar require back to back lessons). The corresponding practice routines for each lesson are 45 minutes. So for each of the 8 weeks you'll need to dedicate between 3-5 hours to the lessons and practice routines.

I'm new to golf. Will the TOURAcademy Home Edition work for me?YES. All of the DVD lessons and practice routines are designed to help someone new to golf quickly grasp the basics of the full swing and short game. The White Track will guide through practice routines that will rapidly accelerate your understanding of golf and your skill level. In addition, new golfers will be able to master the fundamentals at home and gain confidence before venturing out to the driving range to practice.

How does the TOURAcademy Home Edition differ from other products or golf DVDs?The TOURAcademy Home Edition is the only golf instruction program that provides everything you need to improve your golf game: Lesson DVDs that cover all aspects of golf, a 100+ Instruction Book that provides an overview and photos from each of the lessons, a Practice Guide that you can take to the driving range, a Contact Bag, Alignment Sticks, and most importantly a detailed 8 week Practice Calendar that will help you practice with a purpose and quickly improve your game.

Where will my TOURAcademy Home Edition order ship from?All orders are shipped from our warehouse and fulfillment partner located in the state of California. We ship via UPS within the US, Canada Post for Canadian orders, and a variety of international shipping partners for orders outside of North America. All orders receive a unique tracking number, you can get your tracking number by emailing

Is TOURAcademy Home Edition sold in stores?Not yet, but we'll be adding Retail stores soon. Check our home page for announcements. Currently your can order here from our web site or from