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Learn the secrets of the pros and have more fun playing golf.

You need a plan. The TOURAcademy® at-home lesson system has been developed through years of study and breaking down what the best professional players are doing and delivering it to you in an easy to follow program. TOURAcademy® Home Edition has everything you need: dynamic at-home golf lessons, unique TOUR quality drills, training aids, and a detailed 100 page instruction book. Whether you dream of becoming a professional player or simply want to rapidly improve your level of play – this system will transform your golf skills.

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8-Weeks to
a perfect

Get the secrets of the game and play better golf.

A complete instruction and practice program together, designed by the pros at the TOURAcademy.Two practice levels: White Track for players of all abilities; Blue Track for advanced players.

PRACTICE GUIDE: The key to playing like a Pro is to learn how to practice. Yet 85% of players do not take a lesson and consequently, have little meaningful direction or purpose while at the driving range or practice facility. TOURAcademy Home Edition helps every level of golfer improve their game with structured practice based on skill development and building a swing from the ground up. You will learn the secrets that the Pros know and achieve a breakthrough in your golf skill and knowledge.

8-WEEK PRACTICE CALENDAR: Each TOURAcademy home lesson has two levels of practice — a white track for every player to start with and a BONUS blue track for advanced players or graduates of the white track that want to further develop their skills. Each practice session consists of three customized 15 minute drills that reinforce what you learned during the home lesson. The 8-week calendar makes it easy, just follow along and watch your swing and golf game rapidly improve. You can also follow the lessons at your own pace, using the practice calendar as a roadmap.

Imagine professional caliber instruction for about $11 per lesson.

How the TOURAcademy Program Works

  1. TAKE A LESSON (at home!) Each lesson is about 20 to 40 minutes and designed to be completed at home. The lessons are dynamic and interactive, so make sure you actively follow the instruction, give yourself enough room, and focus on learning and trying the movements and skills. You can't improve by watching someone else swing a club.
  2. WATCH THE PRACTICE SESSIONS After each DVD lesson, watch your corresponding practice routine for the White or Blue Track. This practice routine shows you the specific drills you'll be completing at the practice facility. The drills are straight-forward and easy to follow and support the new skills and techniques you learned during the home lesson.
  3. HEAD TO YOUR PRACTICE FACILITY OR DRIVING RANGE Your Practice Guide booklet covers every practice routine in the program and describes each of the drills you'll be completing. Bring the Practice Guide with you at all times, it provides a breakdown of every drill and key learning points.
  4. FOLLOW THE TRAINING CALENDAR The TOURAcademy instructors designed the Home Edition calendar to maximize skill development and provide rapid improvement in your golf game. The building block approach ensures that each lesson builds on the skills and knowledge gained from the previous lessons. Follow the calendar or set your own pace and get ready for a breakthrough in your game!

Compare TOURAcademy Home Edition

The TOURAcademy Home Edition is the most affordable and comprehensive golf instruction solution available on the market today. Combined with the strongest brand in golf, consumers are offered a high quality instruction program that includes everything you need to rapidly improve your game.

Features TOURAcademy Home Edition Hank Haney's Essentials Butch Harmon About Golf Typical Golf DVD Set
Number of DVDs 10 4 2 2
Full Swing
Short Game
Trouble Shooting
Instruction Manual
Practice Program
Training Calendar
Impact Bag
Alignment Sticks
Bottom Line! Golf Is More Fun!